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About Us

     We’ve been planning this for years!  We are pleased and excited to introduce Toledo’s only PERSONAL, BUSINESS, & RETAIL CONDOMINIUMS.  A fresh, unique concept new to the Northwest Ohio Market.


     Are you looking for a retail location for your business or possibly you need space to house your boat, motorhome, inventory, records, and ect?  Tired of looking at affordable junk buildings in lousy locations?  Stop looking!  We’re building the right building at the right location for the right price.


     Ever wish you had your own personal pole barn?  You know what I’m talking about.  That special place for you and “THE GUYS”.  Your very own “TOY BARN”.  Decorated just the way you like it.


     Maybe your neighborhood has deed restrictions prohibiting exterior buildings.  Maybe your yard is simply not large enough to build your GARAGEMAHALL.  Possibly your spouse is smart enough not to let you build a “BATCAVE” the size of Gotham City in your back yard.  Because she knows you’ll eliminate 94% of the re-sale market buyers that don’t share your same vision of manland.  Whatever the reason – no problem, we have the solution.


     We’re a couple of crazy car guys that share your illness.  We too have common sense loving brides that say no problem, go ahead and build your “DREAM GARAGE” just not in my backyard!  Again - No problem – we have the solution.  We’re on a mission to fulfill your Dream and ours too.


     We’re inviting you to join us to be a part of this really cool community.  Whether you have a need, want, or desire for personal, retail, or business space.  Or are able to spot a great investment when you see one. 


     All we need to lock you into your custom designed suite is a commitment letter and modest deposit.  We expect to fill up quickly, so don’t delay.

Call us today for your own personal tour
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P.S. We are willing to pay you a commission for any client you bring to us

If you can “DREAM IT” we can “BUILD IT”.


Stone Oak Business Condominiums LLC
PO Box 619 Toledo, OH 43697