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                                   Perfect for Investors

                 "TOP TEN REASONS"

               Why you should own a Stone Oak condominium,
                       ...even if you don't need the space? 

 1. Why Rent and Put Money in Someone Else's Pocket?                       
         For about the same amount of money, you can pay rent and have nothing or pay a mortgage on this 
         value priced property and build equity

 2. Multiple Tax Advantages
         Take advantage of interest deductions, depreciation deductions and real estate tax savings not available on   
         property you rent

 3. Affordability
         You simply could not buy the land and build a facility of equal size, amenities, and convenience for even close    
         to your total investment here.

 4. Protection of Your Investment
         As part of a Condominium Association, your property will be protected and maintained to the highest standards  
         relieving you of the headaches of routine grounds maintenance, snowplowing, exterior repairs, etc.

 5. Makes Money While You Sleep
        Don't need space?  Lease it out and let your tenants pay your mortgage payment!

 6. Networking Opportunities
         Become part of a community of real estate investors and hard-working, financially ambitious owners.

 7. Multiple Unit Purchase Discounts

 8. Appreciation, Appreciation, Appreciation

 9. Flexibility to Accommodate Any Tenants Needs

10.Brand New Amish Built Quality

         With a 40-year warranty, exterior metal roof and siding, no maintenance, 4-walls and concrete floor.

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