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Special Events


Stone Oak Business Condominiums "GRAND OPENING" Celebration!

WOW, the first Man Cave Condos open house was a big hit with over 120 people who attended. If you weren’t there you should have been because not only did my Man Cave get open, but also a couple with some really cool cars.  And if the cars didn’t get you excited, there was plenty of food and drinks to go around. There was everything from lobster and sushi to cookies and candy and what would a party be without adult drinks, of course. By now I am sure you are waiting to hear when we are doing this again. Well as many have requested we are planning on hosting monthly events, and quarterly events. You are definitely going to want to stay tuned for what we have coming up in May.  We can’t wait to meet you at the next event.

Mandatory Monthly Maintenance

Join us for our monthly mandatory maintenance.

Tomfoolery, Monkey Business, Shannanigans.

Meet our current condo community to get testimonials right from the horses mouth, and enjoy networking.  That's right enjoy networking.

Call us today for our next maintenance date.


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